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Design, manufacture and commercialization of plastic packs and plastic industrial pieces by blow and injection techniques for the food, automotive and cleaning sectors, among others.

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Why should you choose our services?

Plásticos Pedro Jiménez is a family company with 40 years’ experience in the sector that ratify us as specialists in competitive and comprehensive solutions for the manufacture of plastic packs. Our vast experience in the packaging market gives us the know-how that is necessary to provide full and quality solutions, both in packs by blow as in all kinds of injection pieces, by means of extrusion-blow and injection technologies, respectively.Our quality system is based on the ISO standards as we are UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 certified, and on internal procedures and controls that give us the necessary information to monitor all our processes and have the appropriate traceability mechanisms. This vigilance also makes it feasible to eliminate flaws in our supplies.

Leaders in plastic packaging

40Years of experience
  • Medium capacity plastic packs: From 50ml to 5 liters, with and without handles.

  • We have standard references in different colors and customers’ specific models.

  • Special shapes and applications: Bellows, blood sample capsules, buckets for alcoholic drinks, etc.

  • Injection pieces.

How we work

The project is taking shape. Thanks to the manufacture of a model using 3D printing you can get a much more concrete idea of what the final result will be. With the design guidelines you have given us, we will make the mould that will allow mass production of the type of packaging you request.

Manufacture of plastic products

Comprehensive solutions that allow customers to turn needs into products, in such a way that each customer has our counselling from the initial phase of their idea until the manufacture of the pack or part. It is the job of Plásticos Pedro Jiménez to take care of both the design of the pack that best suits customers’ needs as well as the design and the production of the molds that are necessary to manufacture parts.This customer service culture leads us to prioritize a flexible, adaptable and tailored service that seeks customer satisfaction permanently. At Plásticos Pedro Jiménez we believe that this customer-oriented approach is not an option but, on the contrary, the key to success, together with a good product and service. By way of example, even though we work in a sector that is increasingly more competitive, we have kept all the customers that decided to work with us.

#DoNotBlamePlastic: A campaign with real and contrasted data.

We make your dreams happen

If you have an idea and want to realize it, do not hesitate to contact us.

''Our warehouse is almost 4,000 m2, which allows us to keep a big stock. This great storage capacity and the agile transport management, as well as the qualification and commitment to continuous improvement of the Plásticos Pedro Jiménez team, help us stand out from our competitors and offer a fast and high-quality service.''

Pedro Jiménez de Pablo

Plasticos PJ.CEO

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