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More than 40 years’ experience

Specialists in competitive and comprehensive solutions

Our vast experience in the packaging market gives us the know-how that is necessary to provide full and quality solutions, both in packs by blow as in all kinds of injection pieces, by means of extrusion-blow and injection technologies, respectively.

Our company

Plásticos Pedro Jiménez is a family company with 40 years’ experience in the sector that ratify us as specialists in competitive and comprehensive solutions for the manufacture of plastic packs.

A family company

40years of experience

Comprehensive solutions

They allow customers to turn needs into products.

This way, each customer has our counselling from the initial phase of the idea until the manufacture of the pack or piece.

It is the job of Plásticos Pedro Jiménez to take care of both the design of the pack that best suits customers’ needs as well as the design and the production of the molds that are necessary to manufacture pieces.

Flexible, adaptable and tailored service

This customer service culture leads us to prioritize a flexible, adaptable and tailored service that seeks customer satisfaction permanently.

At Plásticos Pedro Jiménez we believe that this customer-oriented approach is not an option but, on the contrary, the key to success, together with a good product and service.

By way of example, even though we work in a sector that is increasingly more competitive, we have kept all the customers that decided to work with us.

Renewed, modern and solid structure

We keep the values that have allowed us to achieve our current position as leaders in those sectors in which we are present, and at the same time we have added new corporate values that help us keep innovating, growing and improving day after day to adapt to the continuous changes and demands of the sector.