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Cleaning packs

Cleaning packs take a special place within the realm of plastic for industrial use. Their presence is not limited to the professional area but they appear in many other aspects of everyday life. That is reason enough to pay special attention to the quality of the manufacturing process and the results obtained.

Packs for cleaning products have to be versatile, resistant, with excellent isolation and seal conditions and an optimum design not only to ensure the safety of their content but also for users to identify that content easily. The cleaning packs manufactured at Plásticos PJ allow the preservation of all the products that are frequently used in the sector, preventing the risk of leaks and improving the storing and stacking options while presenting flexible solutions that adapt to all types of needs.

The packaging of cleaning products is as important as the content itself, or even more so. It is only by making sure that plastic packs meet all these design and quality conditions that we can guarantee customers a use experience that is completely safe and satisfactory.

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