Containers manufacturing

“Plastic containers are a great solution for the storage and preservation of all types of products. In Plásticos PJ we have specialized in the design and manufacture of plastic articles of different sizes and capacities with the aim of offering an alternative packaging, maintenance and storage tailored to the needs of your business.”

Envases de alimentación

High quality packaging for the preservation of food products in a safe way and preserving all their properties. Our catalogue safisface all kinds of needs.

Envases de automoción

With our extensive range of bottles, drums and carafes you can be sure that all the liquids in your workshop or automotive business are always well stored.

Envases de agricultura

Storage and conservation are two fundamental aspects in the agricultural sector. Optimize time and space with our agricultural packaging solutions.

Envases de limpieza

Easily identify cleaning products thanks to an extensive catalogue of bottles manufactured by blowing with all the guarantees of airtightness.

Envases de cosmética

Jars, tubes and bottles standard or designed to measure so that you obtain the image that you want to give with your products, depositing in them all type of liquids or ointments.

Envases de farmacia

Packaging solutions specifically designed for the pharmaceutical and chemical sector to ensure safe storage of all types of contents.

Piezas técnicas

The custom design of plastic parts will make your company evolve according to the needs of each moment. Consult the different materials and techniques we use to adapt to the activity of your business.

envases piezas de inyección

Diseños a medida

In Plásticos PJ we are committed to designing and manufacturing all types of tailor-made solutions. In addition we advise you when deciding between the different options available to always get optimal results.

Piezas de inyección

A wide variety of injection moulded parts of different sizes, shapes and colours for use in everyday life and in the industrial world.

If you have any question or if you have any idea thought out, do not hesitate to contact us.

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